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Toronto Business Directory

A new business directory is coming up in Toronto and area. It's called The best part about this site is the way it handles SEO and link backs to the parent website.

Check back soon for more details

Some of the important area's it'll cover are

Toronto directory's / Mississauga directorys / Brampton directorys / Bolton directory's / Newmarket directory's / Aurora directory's / Richmond Hill directorys Thornhill directory / North York directory / Etobicoke directory / Markham directory / Whitby directory / Ajax directory / Oshawa directory / Barrie directory Milton directory's / Alliston directory's / Pickering directory's / Scarborough directory's / Toronto directory's / Woodbridge directory's

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munin maildrop freebsd

Postfix mailqueue shows a small increase day by day where maildrop keeps increaseing.
This is caused when postfix/maildrop can't deliver a message. In my case the messages were too big (created by a cronjob)

To bring maildrop back down one must empty out the maildrop directory.

In FreeBSD you simply go to /var/spool/postfix/maildrop and delete all the files in there.

You can also look at any of those files to see if there is any important messages there.

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