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add user subversion

Need to add a user to subversion but it overwrites the existing password list of users? It happens to me, maybe there's an extra trigger I need to specify... I don't know but this works!

Add user_name with password user_password_123 to htpasswd_test
# /usr/local/apache2/bin/htpasswd -c -m -b /usr/local/ss_repo/conf/htpasswd_test user_name user_password_123
Adding password for user rsamuel

Get the username & password from the file (copy it)
# vi /usr/local/ss_repo/conf/htpasswd_test

In our case

Paste it into the REAL htpasswd file
# vi /usr/local/ss_repo/conf/htpasswd


Save and exit

That it's, now a new user has been added into subversion

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