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SEO Traffic Tip #3

Choose a memorable domain name.

If you're launching a new site, choose a name people will remember easily.

Years ago, I visited a site called "". Its logo is a man with a fork in his head. Sounds dreadful, doesn't it?

However, all it took for me to remember that unusual site was ONE visit years ago.

You may not wish to go to such extreme lengths, but at least ask yourself: "Will people remember my domain name?"

At my four main sites, a large percentage of the visitors are people who have remembered the domain name and typed it directly into their browser. (I also own a site built in 1996 which has a totally impossible to remember URL, but that's another story.)

Try to choose a name which won't be confused with similar names. You don't want people typing your competitor's domain name when they’re trying to find your site. has a handy tool to help you choose domain names. Also, you can find a surprising number of good deleted (expired) domain names at Both those tools are free.

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