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SEO Traffic Tip #4

strong>Buy the wrong domain name, too.

If you think people may confuse your domain name with a similar name, try to buy that name, too.

I noticed that sometimes when newsletters mentioned they put the "s" in the wrong place and called it "".

It even happened at an Internet marketing conference I was attending. The speaker kindly mentioned my site, but got the name wrong. Whoops!

So when that wrong domain name became available, I bought it.

Now, if you muddle up the name and type "" you're automatically redirected to

It occurred to me that people in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, who think "programs" is spelled "programmes", might also have trouble getting my domain name right.

So I bought, too. It also redirects to the correct domain.

A good domain name registrar will make it very easy for you to redirect one domain name to another. is one that does.

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