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Creating a successful homepage

What makes a successful homepage for a website? I have the answer for you!

All successful homepage's for a website convey 5 messages.

  • Website Logo & navigation
  • Main Benefit Statement
  • Call to Action
  • Show Website Popularity
  • Credibility

Now lets talk in detail for each point.

Website Logo & navigation
Always let the users know where they are, and how to get to the home page. Always make the logo clickable to the homepage.

Main Benefit Statement
So What, Who cares?? answers those 2 questions and you have your benefit statement.

  1. Example: Need new breaks on your car? We'll fix your breaks in 30 minutes or less.
  2. Example: Looking to advertise for free? Click here to get started.

Call to Action
Tell the user what to do next or where to go. Yes, people need to be told what to do next.

  1. Example: Click Here
  2. Example 2: Start Now
  3. Example 3: View Now

Show Website Popularity
Who wants to go into an empty bar or nigh club? NO ONE! it's the same thing for a website. Users need to sense that this website exists because it's popular. So show it to them.

  1. Example: Over 500 visits per day
  2. Example 2: Over 43,302 Members
  3. Example 3: 10,000+ products and growing

People hesitate to do business with you if they don't know you. When your getting started with a website that will almost always be the case. Show credibility with user testimonials or years in business.
Facebook like buttons also help with credibility as it shows people like your business.

  1. Example: "I love your cleaning products, it saved me so much time on the weekends" - Mandy
  2. Example 2: In business for over 15 years
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