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Ways to cut back your time spend on SEO and increase natural search performance

SEO is very critical to attract quality web traffic and it also needs time to implement the correct strategies for increasing natural search performance. It is important to use the white hat techniques so as to rank well in search engines. If you are looking for the ways to speed up your SEO process in a way you follow SEO rules as well. In this article it is discussed about ways that will save your time spend in SEO and will help you in increasing natural search performance.

Let’s look at effective internet marketing tactics to improve your business and speed up the SEO process:

  1. Get the ideas for keywords from your internal search data: When people search inside your website using your search bar (present in your website), then it shows that, they are doing so as they are not able to get the content immediately they are looking for. By tracking these searches, you will get fresh new keywords that you know your customers are already interested in. Now building the content around these keywords will pay you off automatically both in terms of SEO and will satisfy both search engines and visitors.
  2. Find suggestions for keywords using Google Adwords Keyword Planner: Since most of Google Analytics has turned into not provided, you have to get a bit clever when it comes to get the information about keyword from search giant. Here are the steps to find keywords using Google Adwords Keyword Planner:
  • Sign  into Google Adwords Keyword Planner
  • Select the option “ search for keyword and ad group ideas”
  • Enter the URL of your website into “your Landing Page” field.
  • Choose the targeting option to your country
  • Run your search

The keyword ideas tab will provide you a series of phrases that Google believes to be related to your website.

  1. Add Google Authorship code to the header of your site: There are various ways to set up and claim authorship. For instance, if you have a WordPress site, then do not worry about plugins or email confirmations. Instead use the following code into the header.php file of your website.

"<link rel="author" href="" />"

Doing so, ensures that your profile code is propagated to all pages of your site, which Google can find it easily and give you the credit for your efforts.

  1. Submitting all domains to disavow Links tool: When this tool came, SEO’s were very cautious about submitting only individual links. It was right to be cautious at that time so as to know exactly what impact the tool would have on the performance of the site. If the tool devalued any links submitted immediately, and then would have a widespread impact- taking down both good and bad links. If in the analysis of back links of your site inbound links leads to few negative issues, then don’t worry about being selective in request for disavowal. Submitting all domains is a good SEO practice and helps you to save time.
  1. Use Google tag Manager and combine JavaScript tags with it: Twitter, Google Analytics and Google+ are the few sites that request you to install JavaScript code on your website so as to power up the functionalities. But unfortunately these snippets that you install slow down your site’s speed and we all know that the slow sites are bad for SEO. To save the time required to fire the each snippet individually, use Google’s Tag Manager Tool. You just have to enter the code pieces into tools tag generator, this will provide you with a site wide tag that will fire each JavaScript file as per the rules you specify. This tag helps in increasing the site’s speed.

Summary: Aforesaid are some of the simple and effective ways to speed up your SEO process and get the natural rankings in search engines.

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