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6 Steps to Effective Email Testing – Tip 6

Step 6: Make Changes

Commit to making at least one change in each campaign. How would you finish this sentence? "I need to...":

  • Change my from name.
  • Change my subject line.
  • Change specific words.
  • Change the subject line format.
  • Add content.
  • Decrease content and simplify.
  • Increase clickable areas or links.
  • Highlight actionable items more.
  • Change copy.
  • Modify the layout.

The Last Word

Keep it simple. Initially, test only one area at a time to maintain simplicity and establish a testing regimen. Base your prioritization of success factors on the easiest things to test that will result in the best return.

Establishing a test regimen is the key to unlocking higher open, click, and conversion rates. But don't stop with just one test. Far-reaching conclusions based on one test are not predictive.

Repeat tests where possible over a set time period. Aim for at least three controlled tests before drawing a meaningful conclusion. This will keep you on track for continual growth and improvement in your email marketing program.


6 Steps to Effective Email Testing – Tip 5

Step 5: Measure and Analyze Results

Measure and analyze results to gain insight and prove or disprove your theory. Compile stats (to conversions) accurately. Look beyond the numbers to find meaning.

Even small percentage differences can mean large gains in response rates:

  • Opens increased __ percent.
  • Click-throughs changed __ percent.
  • Conversions changed __ percent.
  • Traffic to the website increased __ percent.
  • Click-throughs were more focused on specific area, topic, or action.
  • Click-throughs were spread out across areas, topics, or actions.
  • Conversions increased __ percent.


6 Steps to Effective Email Testing – Tip 4

Step 4: Split the List

Choose the best list or segment to test, and split it (for that specific test). Which statement below matches your situation?

  • I'm confident this list is the most appropriate to prove or disprove my theory.
  • My list is large enough to do only an A/B split.
  • My list is large enough that I can break it into a larger control and several smaller test segments.
  • My list is large enough that I can sample a percentage of my list to test.








6 Steps to Effective Email Testing – Tip 3

Step 3: Create the Test

Set up your test, following best practices. Remember, you don't need to prove the obvious.

To optimize opens (one per test):

  • From name
  • Subject line
  • Best time to send

To optimize click-throughs (one per test):

To optimize conversions (one per test):

  • Landing pages
  • Calls to action
  • Creative/layout
  • Subject lines
  • Offer
  • Copy
  • From name


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